About Me

Hi!  I'm CB.  Welcome to A Mountain Top High. 

I've had a love for sports and fitness my whole life.  After high school team sports became a smaller part of my life so I picked up hiking and snowshoeing.  It was a fit right away - I love the peace and the air and the burn in my glutes (some days) and the finality of the summit.  Lucky for me I grew up in North Vancouver, British Columbia, so I had the mountains at my doorstep.

Then along came Mountain Man.  MM is a SoCal boy who was into mountain biking and rock climbing.  He taught me to rock climb and I got him out to fall in love with the snow.  Together we've become enthusiastic backcountry campers, road bikers, paddlers, ski tourers, and skate skiiers (well that's in the works), and all around adventure-ers.  He also tried to teach me to mountain bike, but that was a bust.

And here we are now.  I live in Vancouver, BC and MM is just across the boarder in Washington down the coast in California (I was going to say it's a long story, but actually, it's not that long.  He's American, I'm Canadian, our countries would prefer us to live apart, we are working on it).  During the week we're both professional types with jobs that keep us behind our desks for more hours than we'd prefer.

I hope that you find this blog to be a useful resource.  Particularly, if you are just tip-toeing into the wonderful world of the backcountry, I hope that I can help with information and tips that give you the confidence to get out there. 

And I must apologize in advance for the overuse of parenthesis.  Unfortunately, it's unlikely to stop.


  1. Great Website! My favorite read in the mornings when I'm stuck in the city and longing for the Outdoors! Thanks for publishing and keep it up!!

  2. Hi CB,

    I really enjoyed your blog and loved reading about your adventures in the mountains.

    I'm a blogger for Southwest Discoveries where I write about all kinds of hiking and backpacking topics. If you feature other writers, I’d love to write for you. I just published Take a Hike: 7 of the Grandest Adventures in the Southwest

    Let me know if you are interested. I am obviously not looking for payment, I'd just love for my work to be featured on a great site.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    Southwest Discoveries



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