Friday, March 20, 2009

Nude Hikers Invade Switzerland

How the topic came up I cannot remember, but on Sunday night I found myself telling a group of friends of the stories I've heard about German "free body movement" enthusiasts causing a ruckass in Switzerland by hiking naked through their mountains.

I don't think anyone believed me so had a good laugh when I got a text message from my sister a few days later saying, "The Globe and Mail just ran a full page article about the naked hikers in Switzerland!"

But this got me to wondering - Of course there are legal issues (the Swiss government put a law in place so that they could fine future nude hikers) and morality issues (let's not even start) and personal modesty issues (funny thing...I don't want you to see my boobies). But putting all that aside, does hiking naked really sound appealing? Even if hiking naked were legal and socially acceptable and you had no hangups about anyone and everyone seeing you in the buff would you want to hike naked?

I know that people rave about it, but I've got to say, it doesn't sound like much fun to me. Firstly, Vancouver is rarely warm enough to make that practical. Second, I would think that a backpack against your bare skin would chafe. Thirdly, sitting down seems like a bit of an issue. I'd think you'd get dirt in places you'd rather not have it.

What do you think? Would hiking naked enhance your experiences in nature?


  1. Ooh doesn't sound like my cup of tea! What about thorns? Where would I keep my pocket knife and small change?!

    Funnily enough there's a guy here in the UK who's been hiking naked round the UK for a few years. He's been arrested loads and still keeps getting his kit off again (once he gets out of jail or pays the fine).

    I guess there are worse things he could be doing :)

  2. Europeans - what will they think of next!

    I just think it would be COLD! Apparently they do this in the winter time. That's asking for frostbite in the worst places if you ask me.

  3. I'm in SE australia. The walking here is a lot of undergrowth and brush. Even in hot weather, we tend to cover up to keep from looking like we were attacked by vicious multiple legged feral cats after a hike. So I'd pass too.



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