Friday, June 5, 2009

Tidal Pools

The tidal pools on the Sunshine Coast are the best. They are teaming with sea stars.

In the water, on the rocks, even hanging upside down on ledges. To the point that they are almost considered a pest. These sea stars are about to eat those little octopuses (octopi?) for dinner.

This guy moved surprisingly fast. Some locals actively pick the starfish off the rocks and toss them into the water so that they don't eat all the oysters. Because, of course, they want to eat the oysters themselves.

Oh Mountain Man, no respect for nature! (What's that you say? No no, I would NEVER have encouraged him to do something like disturb the sea life! This was DEFINITELY not my idea.)


  1. Cool pictures. Where on the Sunshine Coast were you when you found all of these sea stars? I've been looking for some good tidal pools in the area :)

  2. We were staying in an area called Egmont. Some of the pictures are on the beach just off the property we were staying on (which is a friend's undeveloped land) and some are from the area right beside Skookmchuck.



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