Friday, June 26, 2009

When packing light doesn’t matter

I love backcountry camping. I love bringing only what I can carry on my back. I love carefully planning out and considering the value of each item that goes into my pack.

But occasionally I car camp. And when I do I don’t bother worrying about items being compact, light weight, or particularly practical.

So when I car camp I bring along a few items that I would never consider back country camping.

Like a tent big enough for 6 people.

And a BBQ. In this case used very inefficiently to boil water for oatmeal.

And a lovely cooler of beers. The best part of car camping FOR SURE. Well, in my opinion. Maybe you guys aren’t big lushes like me.

And a suitcase.

I just thought it was hilarious to bring a suite case on a camping trip so I thought I’d share. When I started packing I figured – why not? I like this suitcase and it was the most easily available item. So now even my little suitcase has gotten to experience a camping trip.

What do you bring car camping that you wouldn’t dream of lugging on a backcountry trip?

1 comment:

  1. Ha- love the suitcase!

    We went camping once with friends who brought pillows and cots. We laughed at them, but then we realized- why not? Now we bring pillows when we car camp. Still better than those tiny packable kind.

    We once saw a family with their cat tied up at their campground. I had a cat that I think would have enjoyed camping.



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