Thursday, March 26, 2009

Merrell Boot Love

I can't understand people who wear hiking boots that make their feet sore by the end of the day. Why torture yourself when there is a better alternative?

My beloved first paid or Merrells. Last winter the waterproof layer finally died and it was time to replace them.

I religiously wear Merrell boots. And they are cushy and delightful.

I lucked into my first pair of Merrells. I was working at an outdoor shop at the time and they were on sale (I think the mid weight boots were selling for $70 from $150) so I grabbed a pair. And I loved them.

I started to understand how lucky I was when others couldn't wait to get their boots off at the end of the day. I never felt the need. But I truly realized how fab my boots were when they wore out (after about 5 years) and I started shopping for new ones. Now I can see why others can't wait to get their hiking boots off at the end of the day! Yikes, I genuinely doubt that most hikers need boots that are so stiff!

If you find your hiking boots to be uncomfortable maybe you should try a pair of Merrells next time. I doubt you'd be disappointed.

Mmm, mud.

I'm still trying to convince Mountain Man to get a pair. He wears a pair of Scarpas that don't fit and leak like crazy (probably because the water poof layer broke when he got them stretched). Mountain Man is too stoic to complain but I know his feet hurt on the trail.

How about you, what's your favorite brand of hiking boots?


  1. I hope this doesn't show up twice, because I already wrote this, but it didn't seem to post...
    Thanks for the tip on the Merrell boots. I got sore after a hike the other day and have to admit it's time to replace my beloved hiking boots. They were a lightweight design by Nike that were perfect for rock hopping and never gave me any blisters. But my last two pairs of walking shoes have been Merrell and I'm very happy with them so they should work for me as hiking boots.
    I'm on my way to REI...

  2. Good luck finding the perfect boots!

    One thing I've found with Merrell's is it's a little harder to find a store that actually carries their midweight hikers - they focus a lot on lightweigts which don't work for me since I"m a snowshoer (although I'd totally go for those if I were only into summer sports).

  3. I am SO glad you did the post- I went to REI and found hiking boots I love and got my 20percent off one-time discount for being a member. With my dividends from last year, I spent $43 for a $120 pair of boots!

  4. Wonderful, good for you! 20% off time at REI is the best. I have a friend who just picked up a city bike and got $100 off!

    How does buying hiking boots work with the compact?

  5. I had recently realized that I can't buy walking shoes, running shoes, hiking boots- anything that is so important for your feet- used. So I added them to my list of exceptions- and I really should have bought them a long time ago! Thirteen years is WAY too long to use the same pair- I wonder how many miles are on them. I'm saving them for my "mud boots" for when I'm hiking in the rain in places like Hawaii.



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