Monday, April 13, 2009

50 miles and counting

On Friday morning I bought a new bike. 30 minutes later I embarked on a 50 mile bike ride.

Umm, whoa.

If you've read my "About me/AMTH" post you'll know that I'm new to biking. This was quite a feat for me. And not to mention, how funny is it to buy a bike and take it straight from the store onto a full day's bike trip? I think it's hilarious.

For anyone who's wondering - it's a hybrid that I plan to use for bike touring this spring and summer (and beyond of course). A Trek FX 7.3 in a 22.5 inch frame. Yes, that's monstrous. I love it. Mountain Man says it's because I'm leggy. But really it's because I love an upright stance on a bike (bad back - word is I'm getting old).

And 50 miles later, I love-ity-love-love my new bike. I could hug it.

I usually try to make this blog about sharing info helping people out, rather than chronicling my journeys. Clearly this is just me bragging about my awesome day on the road. So in the spirit of being useful, here's a tid-bit that can help you out next time you're on a really long bike ride. This comes direct from the most awesome spin instructor ever (I miss SDSU spin classes).

If your cycling partners are getting tired climbing a hill you can just turn to them and say, "Ride my road monsters, RIDE!" It's very motivating. Some people like to channel the Wicked Witch of the West (you know the scene when she's sending out her winged monkey legions?) to get the voice right.

Alternatively, if you're trying to go fast you can cheer, "Knees knees, pretty please, I want knees, gimme knees!"

Shout out to Kulshan Cycles in Bellingham.


  1. Congrats on the 50 mile ride. That's quite an accomplishment for the bike's maiden trip.

    I rode a $200 Schwinn back in 1995 on the AIDS ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It's about 550 miles in 7 days. When I started training I collapsed after 11 miles! But then within 3 months I was doing 50 or 60 no problem. That's the great thing about biking- you get in shape so quick. At the end of that week I knew I was in the best shape of my life even though I was already in my thirties.

    I really miss biking, but don't feel it's a safe sport in the city. I feel like I'd just be asking for an accident if I did it for any length of time. But I'd love to bike more if I lived near the beach or a bike path.

    Have fun on your new bike!

  2. No way! Mountain Man is doing the AIDS ride from San Fran to LA 6 weeks from now.

    And because he's a little crazy he and his buddy are extending the trip all the way down to San Diego.

    Wow, on a $200 Schwinn, that's a feat. I actually have an awesome little Schwinn that I picked up on Craigslist that I'm forcing myself to sell because I it's a little silly to have two bikes (don't tell Mountain Man I said that). It was decided that it wasn't high enough quality to do long trips...but now I wonder...

  3. He'll love it. It was one of the best things I've ever done in my life, absolutely.

    My #1 tip: Advil.

  4. Haha, I'll let him know. He's nervous but I know that he's just over thinking it. He's been a serious biker for years, he can handel it.

    And yes, this has been a dream of his for years. Even better, he's doing it with his best buddy so it'll be great boy bonding time (they'd gag if they saw me write that, but it's true!).

  5. Luckily my husband doesn't read my blog, or he'd gag his way through it.

    Mountain Man should definitely NOT be nervous. If he's a serious biker, he'll have no trouble. The main things to remember are to train on at least a couple back to backs (60-80 one day and get up and do it again), make sure your gear is in order in case of rain (I spent a sleepless wet night- had a horrible day the next day), and rest the week before (don't overtrain the last week, you're already trained)- it's more important to get the rest/sleep and be healthy.

    I'm jealous- I've always wanted to do it again!



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