Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garabaldi Lake: Guest Post on Hiking Trip Reports

I wrote a guest post for Hiking Trip Reports suggesting a fantastic weekend backpacking trip to beautiful Garibaldi Lake here in British Columbia. This trip features a pristine glacier lake, 360 degree panoramic views, wildflower meadows, and all the hill climbing your little legs can handle.

Check out the gorgeous lake from high up on Panorama Ridge

It's one of my favorite low maintenance (as in takes little planning and prep) backpacking trips and one that I'd encourage anyone and everyone to consider if you plan to be in the area.

Head over to Hiking Trip Reports and check it out!


  1. That photo is absolutely awe-inspiring.

    Are there grizzlies in the area? I have a bear phobia.

  2. No grizzlies in these parts. There are black bears, but the campsite actually has shelters with food storage - how convenient! As long as you store all of your food and scented items in the canisters you should be fine. Plus black bears aren't the most agressive creatures around...they just like to eat your food.

  3. I'm used to the black bear thing from camping/backpacking in the Sierras. It's the grizzlies that freak me out.

    Two years ago I was in Yosemite valley, just taking a walk, and I walked through a meadow towards a bunch of people looking up at something. About halfway to the group, I looked to my right and saw a black (brown colored) bear way too close for comfort! I just kept going and as I approached the closest person he said "did you know you just walked by a bear?" And I said "oh yeah."

    It turns out they were all looking at her cub up in the tree! If I'd known that, I would have freaked because of course you're not supposed to come near a mother with cubs.

  4. Been missing your posts, girl.

    Hope you're on vacation or otherwise happy and healthy.

  5. The Whistler area is a slice of heaven. Thanks for sharing. I added the hike to my 'hiking ideas list.'

  6. Thanks so much Kate. A slice of heaven is the perfect way to describe it, especially on a sunny summer weekend. Such a popular hike but for such a good reason.



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