Saturday, July 25, 2009

1/2 Length Believer

I've recently switched from a full length air bed to a half length. Here's how the two mattresses look side by side:

The old one used to get the job done, but for all that bulk it provided very little comfort. Probably because I've had it since back in my Brownie days. It is one of the very early models of self-inflating sleep pads.

Then Mountain Man, wonderful guy that he is, got me the new Thermarest for Christmas. It's tiny, it's light, and it's actually more comfortable than the old one!

The key to this item being so minuscule is that it's a torso length pad instead of a full length. I was weary at first worrying that I'd get cold feet and lower legs, but this hasn't been an issue whatsoever.

Of course this summer Mountain Man decided to show me up and when he downsized to this little guy:

Has anyone else jumped on the torso length bandwagon? If you're looking for a new sleeping pad and you value a compact and light product I highly recommend you check it out.


  1. I've never heard of those! Great tip, thanks.

  2. They are pretty great space savers and although I was weary I don't miss the part that goes under my lower legs at all! Just look for a small or x-small sized sleeping pad.



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