Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome Outdoor Vancouver Readers

Huge thanks to Karl over at Outdoor Vancouver for his shout out.

Welcome to anyone who may have wandered on over. My blog is small and completely recreational (very similar to my outdoor adventures in that way) but I hope you'll find it useful. When I started writing a few months ago I realized I was most interested in putting out "how-to" type articles, since that's what I most enjoy reading from other bloggers. Meanwhile, I'm not nearly a veteran outdoors person (please don't expect an expert post about how to ice climb Shannon Falls or anything equally insane...umm, I mean...exhilarating...) just an avid recreationalist who's eager to learn more.

So with that understood, I figured I'd share a few favorite posts with you:

Because we all like pictures here's on taken in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. Have you been there? You MUST go there. It's amazing how different wild spaces can be only a few (ok, a few by plane) hours away.

And if there's something else you're interested in I encourage you to explore the "Categories" menu to the right. And I'd be more than thrilled if you drop me a comment on something that interests you or just to say hi.


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