Monday, July 20, 2009

Travel Footprint Calculator

Beautiful summer bike rides into work have gotten me thinking a lot about my commuting footprint.

My local transit authority has put a pretty rad calculator online to help you see your current travel carbon footprint based on the length of your commute and the number of days per week you drive/carpool/walk or bike/take transit/telecommute. It's pretty thorough and in my opinion, extremely well done.

Currently my commuting pattern creates a carbon footprint of 0.26 tons of emissions per year. I think that's fairly good. I moved about a year and a half ago so that I'd be really close to work which not only decreased the mileage that I drive but also increased my opportunities for biking to the office. (Side note: I think that living close to your office is a good yet often over looked eco strategy.)

The really cool thing about this little application is that it allows you to make a plan for the future and see how many tonnes of emissions you'll save by following your plan.

Check it out!

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