Monday, August 24, 2009

Gear Review: Double leg kickstand

The Esge/SKS double leg kickstand is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Why would I buy a $40-50 kickstand you ask? (By the way, is that price SHOCKING or what? A regular kickstand is $7 for goodness sakes!)

A double leg kickstand keeps the bike straight up and down (not leaning like a traditional one leg kickstand) and fully lifts one wheel off the ground. This is when cycle touring because:
  1. The alternatives (no kickstand or a one legged kickstand) are nothing but a lesson in frustration. You'll either be constantly finding something to lean your bike against or laying it on the ground (picking a loaded bike up off the ground is annoying) or worse, having it constantly fall over when you try in vain to get a one legged kickstand to hold the weight of a bike with loaded panniers.
  2. It makes it oh-so-easy to get your bags on and off the racks
  3. Because it's free standing, can provide full 360 degree access to any part of the bike.
  4. Because one wheel is lifted off the ground tuning the gears and lubing the chain is a snap.
  5. It performs admirably even on uneven ground and soft ground since it doesn't depend on leaning.
This kickstand is not for everyone. I've heard that it doesn't fit on all bikes (although both my Trek FX and MM's Surly Long Haul Trucker were just fine). If you aren't touring it probably doesn't make sense to drop $50 and add more weight than you'd expect to keep your bike vertical. But if you are bike touring, I wouldn't leave home without it.

Anyone out there a kickstand lover like me? In the race obsessed cycling world it's not a popular choice, but I'll dare to be different on this one.

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  1. Hey... Like your blog... you are not alone... I have a nice mountain bike and I find myself longing for a nice kickstand many times as I like to keep my bike nice... laying it down is not always a good way to avoid scratches and such so I am trying to find a good double legged kickstand that will mount on an angled frame... hard to find to be sure... Thanks for the notes on this! I don't feel so alone in this now.. hehe.



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