Thursday, September 24, 2009

Camping Breakfast: Trader Joes Roast Beef Hash

I have a new favorite camping breakfast. Well, really, I eat it for breakfast but it would do the job for any meal. It's roast beef hash from Trader Joes. Not only is it nomtastic, but it's perfect for camping!

As you can see here, it comes in a handy vacuum sealed pouch. Not only does this make it a non-perishable, but it's also light weight and waterproof.

Here's a picture of the package beside my camping stove to give you an idea of the size.

When you take it out of the package it looks like this.

Yeah. Ok. I know it looks like dog food.

But wait! After three minutes on a burner it looks like this!

Yeah...still looks like dog food. You'll just have to trust me that it's yumlicious. It's hearty, it's warm, and it's a little greasy*.

*And in case you got into the libations on your camping trip, it's great hangover food.


  1. where do you get it in Vancouver?

    1. Unfortunately I've checked around and have never been able to find roast beef (or corned beef) hash in a vacuum pack outside of Trader Joe's which is only in the USA. However, if you make it down to Bellingham, WA (just 25 miles south of the border) that's where I get mine!

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